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5 facts about how the customer experience also impacts the digital world

It is indisputable that the consumer has evolved to the point where the price or cost of a product is just one more factor that plays in the process of choice rather than the key axis. One way for brands to gain presence and notoriety in the public is with a good customer experience. There is no doubt that companies around the planet know this, which is why many are beginning to change their marketing Cameroon Mobile Database approach towards building a better experience that is more intuitive for their users, according to Marketing Insider Group- However, it seems that it has not been enough. This has been pointed out on several occasions by specialists, in fact IEBS Business School, points out that this can be a vital factor to achieve success, however, it seems that brands have not necessarily given it due importance.

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An example of this is what Bain and Co found, which points out that although most organizations feel they are providing a great experience, only 8 percent of customers actually agree with this statement. This is something that is reflected in the digital plane as the customer experience is becoming the key to success. This is concluded by the second annual study of IDG Digital Business entitled The State of Digital Business Transformation 2019, of which we provide you with 5 data to which you should pay close attention:

Of the companies surveyed, 91 percent indicate that they have adopted or have plans to adopt a digital strategy. But, only 48 percent already have a digital focus Brother Cell Phone List first. For 67 percent, creating the best customer experiences is important; 53 percent indicate that they seek to do so by improving the efficiency of processes through automation, while 48 percent say they do so to generate new income.

This is important, as 35 percent of them have seen revenue growth due to digital business initiatives in the last 12 months. Technology becomes fundamental: 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the main trends in the field that companies that are incorporating into their digital business strategies. This will undoubtedly be reflected in increased investment, in fact, companies plan to spend $ 15.3 million on digital initiatives in the next 12 months.

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