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A change in the ads that Facebook shows you that will make many uncomfortable

Social networks have been consolidated as a channel that allows the interaction of millions of people on a daily basis, but it has also become a bridge for brands to connect with the consumer, even if they did not ask for it. And, without a doubt, one of the most important in this matter is Facebook. Undoubtedly, the Menlo Park company is always looking to attract more advertisers, but this would not be possible if it does not continue to add or, at least, it manages to keep the users it already has. We know that it does not go through its moment of greatest popularity despite continuing to enter millions of dollars from advertising, this has forced Facebook to undertake changes that seek to gain the trust of audiences.

It will give you more details of the ads you see
This Thursday, new changes were announced in its advertising policy, in particular the section related to the type of information that users can see each time an ad appears. Why am I seeing this ad: This section has been around for a few months now, but it will now display more Cayman-Islands Mobile Database detailed information. Now it will also offer data on interests and the categories used to target the ad, as well as how the information was collected to make the segmentation (the web page or FB that the user visited). Ads preferences : also already exists, only that from now on it includes new sections; one with the purpose of showing advertisers who have uploaded a list with user information, and another that lists companies that upload and share user information during the last 90 days. You will also add details such as an advertiser’s phone number or email address.


All these modifications are aimed at offering a better user experience to audiences, as well as being more transparent and generating confidence that Facebook is aware of how and for what your information is used, in particular regarding its advertising policies. However, it is likely that more than one brand or company is uncomfortable as not all report on this type of activity. Why? The reality is that this gives a lot of power to people who, if they are not satisfied with the advertising they see or with the use of their data, could limit the reach of their campaigns, even be reflected in their sales.

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Zuckerberg doesn’t make a change without thinking about the benefits
The platform co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg is the one with the highest penetration, it has more than 2 million 380 million active users per month globally, a reach that allows it -together with Google- to position itself as one of the most income by concept of advertising, only during the first quarter of this year reported 14 thousand 912 million dollars . But, despite having this position, from Facebook Brother Cell Phone List they know that they cannot expect this to continue growing intuitively, they need to build the right conditions for this to happen. Maybe that’s why we see constant changes in the last year (almost two), largely stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the various exposures of user data.

And, is that although it has not had a significant impact on his business, the reality is that at the level of trust he has lost a lot in front of users, something that if we add it to the fact that people who belong to generation Z do not have much interest in this social network, the situation could change in the future. That is why it has long undertaken a strategy that seeks to make WhatsApp and Instagram believe and strengthen marketing issues, and integrate them with Facebook, as well as changes such as those announced today that seek to project a more reliable platform for users.

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