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Apple’s turn: massive failure in iCloud reported

Imagine that you are about to present a project to a client and you want to download your documents from your iCloud account but it turns out that the service does not work, this is happening to millions due to a massive failure.

After Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users reported a global failure through the hashtags #whatsappdown #facebookdown and #instagramdown on Twitter, now it is the turn of the Cupertino Giant.

Apple users have reported errors to enter the iCloud system , Apple’s online service, vital for the company. This implies that millions of people cannot access their Hungary Mobile Database documents, backed up notes, location of their devices linked to them, payments with Apple Pay, or enter data from the cloud or backup information on other computers due to risks.

According to some Twitter users, the problems spread to Apple stores: some could not repair their devices and others did not have access to complete purchases.

Although the problems have already been resolved, it is the second blackout of the company this year and is magnified by the fall of the most popular platforms in the world yesterday.

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This definitely hits Apple hard, since the correct functioning of the platforms is also a serious issue that concerns the experience and customer service.

And it is that a major inconvenience with Apple occurred in the past, when at the end of 2017 a security researcher revealed that hackers could take advantage of Apple’s mania Brother Cell Phone List of constantly asking for the Apple ID password to steal user data, associated to credit cards and files in the cloud, shortly after, the company implemented a security icon to avoid the situation.

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