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Attend the National Congress of Digital Marketing 2019

Live the National Digital Marketing Congress 2019 experience and join the more than 1,500 participants.
In Mexico, 16 different weekly digital activities are carried out, which places it above the global average of 13 activities. During 2017, spending on mobile Internet advertising in Mexico amounted to approximately 16.6 billion Mexican pesos.
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The digital part in any industry is undoubtedly key for any strategist who considers himself a market observer.

14 percent of internet users in Mexico made a purchase from interacting with online advertising, 6 percent less than in 2018, according to the Internet MX and Digital Belgium Mobile Database Statistics Association. That is why knowing about digital is transcendental, but there is a huge opportunity to do so, through experiencing the National Congress of Digital Marketing 2019 and joining the more than 1,500 participants.

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To learn the new rules and news, you can go to one of the most learning events in the digital industry, as it represents the opportunity for members of marketers to update their knowledge and better focus their digital strategies. Two days of knowledge will include 30 conferences and a Brother Cell Phone List large number of experts from the digital marketing industry await you this November 20 and 21 at a meeting presented by Merca2.0 magazine, which in 2019 will exhibit the most important topics at the level. digital. More information in this link .

In addition, this year there is a great difference with other events, for the first time the Merca2.0 Awards will be held in the Congress, previously an exclusive event was held for the winners, but now, managers and strategies will be presented at the act. These are the work teams and brands that stood out for their trajectory, achievements, growth and impact over the last twelve months.

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