Chaos for advertisers: for $ 5 you can already surf the internet without seeing advertising

The Internet has become the space in which potential consumers spend most of the time. In Mexico, this in figures is that the Mexican spends 8 hours and 20 minutes of his life , surfing the web, according to the latest study by the Internet MX and Digital Statistics Association. More than a third of the day, the Mexican digital user is connected, which is a wide open door for brands to reach him, until now.

In fact, 14 percent of internet users in Mexico made a purchase from interacting with online advertising, a prominent figure, although relatively lower than in 2018. However, this El-Salvador Mobile Database could be made worse by new browser systems and functions, which added a new way to harness their power. During June of this year we had anticipated that Firefox developed a technology that blocks website cookies that allowed brands to track consumers on the web. The feature is called Tracking Protection and this year it comes back improved.

Pay for the experience
This was already a complication for the firms, but a new challenge is faced. Mozilla revealed that the premium version of Firefox, Firefox Ad-free Internet , will cost $ 4.99 per month. This consists of a service in which advertising is a thing of the past, the experience of not seeing ads, in exchange for $ 5, in addition to access to exclusive content. They reported that:

El-Salvador Mobile Database

“We have partnered with some of the largest publishers in the world to bring you a better journalism experience. We share your payment directly with the sites you read. They make more money, which means they can give you great content without having to distract you with ads just to Brother Cell Phone List stay afloat. In the world, 40 percent of Internet users use ad blockers and for Firefox this is the best opportunity to take advantage of it and it is not the only search engine with this idea.

Apple News Plus also concerns the experience without advertising and exclusive content and when it first launched the idea, it collected more than 200 thousand subscribers in the first 48 hours, although it has had problems in its interface, as it was more complicated for users than it was. they expected. However, both products are in full swing and this would mean giving the Internet user the possibility to close the door to advertising.

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