Content ideas for Instagram Stories that can boost engagement

The drive for engagement is one of the many objectives that those responsible for social networks propose, however, fulfilling it can be very challenging, hence it is not strange to see the average engagement rate that is had in social networks is a both low, for example, in the case of Instagram the signature iconosquare points out that the engagement rate for businesses is 4.7 percent. Luckily, Instagram is particularly where the highest is recorded when compared to those existing on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, and for this reason it is a social network where it is worth working since the possibilities of achieving various positive results for the business are better. With this in mind, this time we will see how to push engagement through content for Instagram Stories. Why particularly from that section? This is because stories are content that has gained a lot of popularity, so the opportunity to meet this objective may be better. In addition, given the position where the stories are located on the platform, it is easier to get people to see this content and improve engagement through them.

So what content for Instagram Stories should be developed to improve engagement?

If what you want is to boost engagement with good content ideas for Instagram Stories, here are some of them highlighted by the specialized social media platform, Hootsuite:

  • Promote your business blog posts

Instagram Stories are a more than adequate space to give visibility to the content you develop for the brand or company blog. When a firm has the possibility of placing Greece Mobile Database links in its stories (either because it has a verified account or more than 10,000 followers), it is a function that cannot be missed to generate traffic and meet other objectives, such as obtaining leads.

  • Promote Instagram posts

The content for Instagram Stories can also leverage the one published in the news feed, so every time a new image or video is published again in this section, it is advisable to use the stories to give it greater visibility and that more people interact with this new post.

To accomplish this task, just take a screenshot of the new post and share it, hiding some details, this to arouse the audience’s curiosity.

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  • Promote products

When a new product is launched on the market it is a fact that you want to generate noise about it so that more people find out about this news, therefore, this promotional action should be considered as another of the   content options for Instagram Stories with the In order to fulfill this purpose and boost engagement with the audience.

The idea is to announce the launch of the product and get feedback. However, it is also possible to promote products that are not exactly new launches.

  • Create shoppable stories

If your Instagram profile gives you the possibility to place product labels in this section, then this is another of the content options for Instagram Stories that you cannot rule out.

In this case, it should be understood that “stories” can be a great place to share products, especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses that are more limited in terms of channels at their disposal. It is only important to keep in mind that you must comply with some policies that Instagram has for the sale of products from this space.

  • Take a takeover with the stories

In case you haven’t heard this concept before, a takeover is about letting someone else (usually an influencer, celebrity, opinion leader, or relevant figure in the Brother Cell Phone List industry) share content for Instagram Stories created by the same person. but from the account of a brand or another person.

This is one of the most effective methods to get a significant boost to engagement due to the audience that these personalities manage to attract. Furthermore, in the particular case of brands and companies, it is an action that serves to humanize them.

  • Broadcast live

Live video is another great way to directly engage and engage your audience. With Instagram Live, it is possible to develop many dynamics, such as answering questions while community members can comment and develop engagement in real time. In case you don’t know yet, most users receive a notification when an account they follow begins to broadcast live. Best of all, these streams are preserved as if they were content for Instagram Stories.

  • Use them to drive traffic to IGTV

If your brand already develops videos for IGTV, Instagram stories can be of great help to improve the reach of these contents. In case you don’t know yet, from the stories there is the possibility of linking the videos uploaded to IGTV. In this particular case, you should know that if you have a verified account you can experience better benefits when working with the platforms because with a profile of this type you can upload videos of up to an hour in duration.

  • Develop voting

Stickers have the ability to open a whole window of possibilities for creating content for Instagram Stories. An example of this is that you can use the voting sticker or polls to get your community to participate and raise the levels of engagement. This particular type of sticker can be effective in conducting basic research on the community and better understanding its preferences regarding various topics. Even that information could be leveraged in the development of new content or products.

  • Use the questions

Continuing with the leverage of stickers to create content for Instagram Stories, another of the most effective for the development of engagement is that of questions.

In case you don’t know, this sticker allows you to put a question that users can answer, then the answers can be shared like other stories. This way you will have a good way to develop engagement and even have a little fun with the community.

  • Interview with collaborators

Finally, as another of the content options for Instagram Stories that we will share here is to give community members a “behind-the-scenes” look at the business. This action that can be generated in multiple ways, for example, by interviewing collaborators, we particularly highlight this since it can be an effective way to improve levels of trust and transparency.

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