Do you know what Netflix Hangouts is and how it could be affecting productivity in your company?

Netflix is expected to generate approximately 249.14 million dollars in its segment in Mexico during this 2019 and that next year the figure will reach 295.3 million, according to figures from Nakono. The company demonstrates its dominance in the market with tests and not only that, but it reigns in the daily lives of consumers, to the point that they spend hours and hours watching the content it offers Estonia Mobile Database them, even if they have to spend on their work. In Mexico, watching streaming movies / series occupies the sixth position among online digital user activities, with 65 percent, according to the Internet Mx Association and Digital Statistics, which reflects a large part of the time dedicated to this activity.

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Netflix in the office
This results in an issue that concerns companies when there is even an extension that allows watching Netflix in the office, without the employer noticing , impacting productivity. It’s called Netflix Hangouts and it’s a new Chrome extension that when pressing the icon in the search Brother Cell Phone List engine menu, makes a fake conference call appear for four people. In the lower right part of the window, Netflix content appears, while the entire screen makes it look like you are in a video conference.

Netflix Hangouts
Image: Netflix Hangouts
The extension was developed by Mschf Internet Studios and is a showcase for platform users, but also a risk of losing productivity or being fired. Last year Workflix transcended , the extension that when pressing the letter Q would cause the screen to change and automatically open a Google search tab, avoiding being discovered watching a Netflix movie or series. These tools recall the extension that makes Twitter look like a Slack conversation, Reddit look like Outlook, and Facebook look like an Excel spreadsheet, all prioritizing entertainment over office activities.

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