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Each Facebook user will be worth more than $ 225 during 2021

In recent years, Facebook has experienced one of its most complicated episodes in its entire history. The image crisis questioned the power of the social network and its ability to continue to remain a pillar of Mark Zuckerberg’s empire.

Less time, but more profitable
To give us an idea, it is enough to consider the data that indicates that the permanence of users on this platform has fallen significantly in recent months. According to Germany Mobile Database eMarketer, right now users spend an average of 37 minutes a day on this social network, a figure that is significantly lower than the 41 minutes to invest in 2018. This is one of the many indicators that tried to predict the fall of Facebook as the industry leader, entering a game of “direct competition” with Instagram.

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Although this could be a reality, the truth is that Facebook remains one of the most profitable social media platforms of the moment. This is how a recent study carried out by Axios defines it, which establishes that, despite all the problems and predictions, during 2021 Facebook Brother Cell Phone List will enter more than $ 225 per user, an amount that would place it as the most profitable social network on the market. The number is simply revealing and important if we consider that Instagram, a platform that has gained special popularity in recent years, would barely reach $ 125 per user in the next three years.

Empire on the rise
With these forecasts, it becomes more relevant to recognize that, according to eMarketer, Facebook will maintain a higher growth rate than Instagram even when it reports a slowdown in some markets such as the United States and clear signs of an aging user base. For advertising, the phenomenon poses an extremely interesting scenario that augurs a large and frontal future competition between three giants that seem not to give up space: Facebook, Amazon and Google.

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