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Exclusive interview: 5 keys to driving a strategy focused on Instagram

The global investment that brands focus on digital advertising has been strengthened since the internet has had the important development it has presented in recent years. The creative team at Merca2.0 has put together this infographic that contains essential information about Algeria Mobile Database investing in global digital advertising. Among the measures that Instagram has implemented to promote interaction between advertising and its users, is the implementation of advertisements within the Explore page, where users discover new content according to their interests.

Novelties in its algorithm and its design add to the efforts of the platform to attract more and more users and for its advertising positions. However, the competition for the pattern is not easy, there are always specialized options like Tim Tok or massive ones, like Facebook. Instagram currently has more than 104.7 million users, to which the platform assures that 1.6 million would be added during 2019.

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The 5 keys

The challenges are not simple or few, but for this, the brand seeks that professionals understand how they can promote a strategy focused on Instagram. Ana Rico, director of public relations and corporate communication for Instagram in Mexico , shared with us in an interview a step by step to achieve it:

  1. The first step would be to have a company profile, perfect for people who want to publicize their products or services.In addition, it allows you to share contact information, have a more direct deal with your clients, solve their doubts personally and accompany them from the process decision until purchase.
  2. After that you must have your business objectives clear and know who you want your information to reach.
  3. With the company profile, you can have metrics Brother Cell Phone List where you will learn about the behavior and demographics of your audience, you can also generate the content that your potential consumers want to see.
  4. You can also promote, that is, convert the posts that your customers liked the most into advertisements. Right there you can include a “call to action” button.
  5. Depending on the type of business you have, it is important to see if a campaign with influencers works, but it is best to exploit all the tools such as IGTV, ads in Explore so that your content can be seen and generate more interaction. and of course stories, since a third of the most viewed stories are business, etc.

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