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Facebook has a huge challenge: fake accounts invade the platform

In Mexico, more than 90 percent of users go online precisely to check their social networks. Among the most popular are Facebook , with 2.3 billion active users. In fact, Mexico is the fourth country with the largest number of users of the network co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg, with Costa-Rica Mobile Database 79 million users . 99 percent of Mexicans use their time to surf the internet on Facebook. Only the first quarter of the year Facebook has detected more than 2.190 million fake accounts, a number that almost means the same number of active users registered in the social network co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg .

Costa-Rica Mobile Database

Facebook’s Vice President for Integrity, Guy Rosen, stated in this regard that: “The number of accounts we deleted increased due to automated attacks carried out by malicious actors seeking to create large volumes of accounts at the same time.” Fake accounts represent a problem was Brother Cell Phone List the platform; however, he is taking care of it. In fact, they have placed special emphasis on hate messages, of the 4 million messages of this type, 65.4 percent were removed after being detected by the company’s own artificial intelligence systems.

By 2025, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market will exceed $ 100 billion, according to estimates from Constellation Research. The competition The platform that competes with this social network in many aspects is Twitter , which also has this challenge and is fighting it. One of the main negative characteristics that users of the 280 character platform see in it is the hatred that is handled in millions of posts. But, in the latest update of the platform, it reported that it is empowered to delete tweets if they match the violations raised. Both platforms, Facebook and Twitter are focused on providing a better user experience.

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