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INFOGRAPHIC: These are the countries with the most users on Facebook and Instagram

During 2019, 72.4 percent of the world’s online population is expected to have access to social media . Social networks are the daily bread for digital users, in fact, the Internet MX Association and Digital Statistics revealed that of the total number of Internet users in Mexico, 82 percent dedicate their time to reviewing their social networks.

That is why social networks are so important in Mexico, especially Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is the most popular platform in the world, with 2.3 billion active users.

The nation loves social networks, since 9 out of 10 Cyprus Mobile Database Mexicans enter the internet specifically to see them.

In fact, Mexico is the fourth country with the largest number of users of the network co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg, with 79 million users . 99 percent of Mexicans use their time to surf the internet on Facebook.

The position is outstanding. India leads the list with 260 million users, followed by the United States, with 190 million, and Indonesia and Brazil tie in third place with 120 million.

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On Instagram, it currently has more than 104.7 million users, to which the platform assures that 1.6 million would be added during 2019.

Mexico appears among the 10 countries with the most Brother Cell Phone List users in the world, in the ninth position, with 20 million . In that list, the indisputable first place is occupied by the United States, with 110, followed by Brazil, with 66 million and India, with 64 million.

Learn more about the subject in the infographic about the countries with the most Facebook and Instagram users in the world, which we have prepared for you below:

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