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La Casa de Papel points to the storytelling prior to the premiere of its new season

37 percent of marketers in the world prefer to increase their visual strategy, based on storytelling proposals . For Karla Wadgymar , Global Marketing Coordinator for the Hult Prize Foundation, this connecting path between consumer and broadcaster is the best way to make your content stand out.

Most strategists agree that storytelling should reign in Afghanistan Mobile Number List content, which is why even a series with the level of popularity of La Casa de Papel has resorted to it. The 22nd series among the most popular worldwide, according to IMDB estimates , prepares the way for its new season.

In its advertising, Netflix has ventured into a preview of what happened in previous seasons, in case viewers do not want to see the new season because they do not understand it. We know that platforms are aware of how many people are watching previous seasons of a series before its premiere, so this could be an indicator that La Casa de Papel is not on the radar. However, it is also a pretty smart strategy to tell the story again and promote it on your social media.

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Previously, the platform made the protagonists known through social networks, an advance in which it stands out Berlin back in the game. Content will always be the most effective Brother Cell Phone List strategy in digital, at least as expressed by 19 percent of marketers in the world, which placed it at the top of the best they can do in said medium.

In addition, we must add the connection generated by recounting the story that became endearing in much of the world, influencing even celebrities such as Neymar Jr. and his teammates.

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