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Pinterest launches new video tools for creators and brands

Although it does not have the penetration of platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest has firmly positioned itself as one of the networks to share and view visual content that most interest users. It is clear that the digital world attracts more and more brands, who are aware that it is in these scenarios where the consumer spends a large part of their time, not for nothing for this year it is estimated that advertising spending in this type of channels will rise to more than 329 thousand 675 million dollars , according to data published in Statista. However, as spending grows, so does the complexity for each platform to distinguish itself as the best option for advertisers when it comes to connecting with their target audiences.

The video will continue to grow
In this context, one of the formats in which networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have bet the most is that of video. They certainly know that this is a way for users to accept and consume content. In this regard, the WARC Global Advertising Trends points out that Dominican-Republic Mobile Database Mobile is the main online channel to invest, since it will represent 95 percent of the growth of Internet ads at the end of 2019. But, it emphasizes that attention must be paid to the formats of visualization, since they are the ones that contribute the most to investment growth.

In that sense, it highlights the prominence of social networks and online videos. The analysis indicates that these types of formats, including banner ads, rich media, advertorial and sponsorship, as well as online video and social media will represent about 118.5 billion dollars this year.

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Pinterest wants to be the protagonist
Pinterest has long sought to gain relevance with both users and macas , hence the platform created in 2010 by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp has driven various changes and developments. This strategy continues, now launching new tools for creators and brands with the aim of making it easier for them to reach their audiences. According to reports from outlets such as TechCrunch and Venture Beat , among the highlights of these are: an enhanced charging feature; a new video tab for business profiles; new analysis metrics; and the possibility of programming Pins.

Pinterest has more than 291 million users globally and during 2018 reported revenues of $ 755.93 million. The objective is to stimulate creatives and brands to publish more content on video , with the plus that now they will have a longer useful life, so their reach and possibilities Brother Cell Phone List of interaction with users should also increase. The movement is interesting, because now that Pinterest is a public company, it needs not only to be relevant for users and brands, but also to be profitable as it is one of the factors that drive or weaken its listing on the stock markets. And, in an environment in which Instagram has launched functions and tools very similar to the Pins and Boards app, evolving and growing becomes imperative for the platform. Your bet will reinforce those points where it is strong, for example, a survey of Oracle Data Cloud reveals that Pinterest users spend an 29 percent more while shopping than non – users.

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