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Search Advertising and its figures worldwide

Search Advertising is one of the most effective strategies in the industry, it is enough to consider that the growth in the number of Internet users between January 2018 and January 2019 represented 9.1 percent, this means 367 million more Internet users. The figures show that so far the world has 4,388 million Internet users, a penetration of 57 percent. In terms of advertising focused on this, the Belize Mobile Database search advertising segment amounts to 36.513 million dollars during 2019. With a market volume of $ 36.513 million during 2019, the majority of advertising spending is generated in the United States.

This coincides with the fact that according to the figures, the regions with the highest internet penetration are North America (95 percent), Northern Europe (95 percent) and Western Europe, with an internet penetration of 94 percent.

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Investing in search engine advertising has a huge challenge, in the world, 40 percent of internet users use ad blockers and for Firefox this is the best opportunity to take advantage of it and it is not the only search engine with this idea. That is why Mozilla revealed that the premium version of Firefox, Firefox Ad-free Internet, will cost $ 4.99 per month. This consists of a service in which advertising is a thing of the past, the experience of not seeing ads, in exchange for $ 5, in addition to access to exclusive content.

Apple News Plus also concerns the experience without Brother Cell Phone List advertising and exclusive content and when it first launched the idea, it collected more than 200 thousand subscribers in the first 48 hours, although it has had problems in its interface, as it was more complicated for users than it was. they expected.

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