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Social network users report failures in Bancomer

Bancomer is one of the main financial companies in Mexico. The bank has known how to develop hand in hand with technology, since the consumer places it as a leader among mobile banking. A survey registered the most used banks and the most popular institutions on that platform last year, where it led the incidence with 23.7 percent, while Citibanamex and Santander each registered 19.7 percent of users.

According to ComScore, until last year Mexican internet banking had just over 4 million users, which positions the country as the fourth with the highest number Chile Mobile Database of unique visitors to this type of service in Latin America. The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) resolved that 22 percent of those who use a bank have online banking, compared to the 6 percent it had during 2012. This area has progressed:

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During 2017, it was ranked as one of the leading companies in Mexico by revenue. Pemex topped the ranking with an income of 1.39 billion Mexican pesos. América Móvil ranked second with 1.02 billion Mexican pesos in revenue. This is how a simple failure in your system can impact millions Brother Cell Phone List of people, especially if you suddenly receive an old notification about a withdrawal and at first glance it seems that you have been scammed.

This happened with some clients of the bank, who are users of social networks such as Twitter , where they exposed that the system was failing. According to the reports, users receive notifications of old movements, such as withdrawals or deposits, a delicate aspect. That is why the issue was immediately placed among the trends with the bank’s own name: Bancomer .

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