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The figures behind e-commerce in Mexico

In Mexico , 16 different weekly digital activities are carried out, which places it above the global average of 13 activities. 81 percent of Internet users access some paid entertainment system over the internet, whether or not the owner is the owner. The Mexican is a digital consumer with very special characteristics defined by internet access and their culture, but the figures reveal their behavior and the experts interpret the future in that sense, thanks to the same numbers.

According to the Internet MX and Digital Statistics Association, the figures are clear about what happens online with the Mexican and the commerce . 14 percent of France Mobile Database internet users in Mexico made a purchase from interacting with online advertising, 6 percent less than in 2018. The main cause that this goes against is a negative perception regarding offers and security, this continues to generate barriers for electronic commerce in Mexico. In fact, only 22 percent of users continue to interact with the online advertising they see, 11 percent less than in 2018.

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E-commerce penetration in Mexico is expected to grow to 52.7 percent of the population.

The trend in the Mexican nation indicates that in the last year, online sales rose 28.3 percent, which means a business of 17 billion dollars, according to the Brother Cell Phone List Internet Association. In this regard, Mexico is among the main countries in Latin America. Among the markets with the highest e-commerce participation in the region are: Brazil (38.3 percent), Argentina (22 percent) and Mexico (19.4 percent).

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