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The Netflix spot that takes Chabelo and chiquidrácula to the Upside Down

Although it has been released for more than a week, Netflix is still active in the marketing campaign for the third season of Stranger Things. Now it is an action carried out in Mexico that revives several figures of the eighties and nineties. This time it consists of a video of almost 4 and a half minutes in which they take up Jaime Maussan and his trajectory in the ‘paranormal’ and ufology – already seen in other promotionals of the series – to reveal that many of the television personalities Mexicans are trapped in the Upside Down.

Not everything is great, but it still works
In the spot published on YouTube and Facebook in the LATAM and Mexico Netflix accounts – we see how the host of the Tercer Milenio program ends up in the strange Armenia Mobile Database dimension of the Demogorgon while conducting an investigation in the Mirwood, Indiana forest and there he meets Cositas -That character from the eighties and nineties-, but apparently it is a ‘malignant’ version of that character who ‘played with the imagination’ to create various crafts.

In the end Jaime Maussan cannot escape the Upside Down, but while trying to do so, he meets several characters that were popular on Mexican television during the eighties and nineties such as Chabelo, Chiquidracula, and the Magician Frank with his rabbit Blass. The video is really not good, both in its realization and due to the fact that they are not the ‘real’ characters, but personified actors that refer to those figures, the only ‘originals’ – so to speak – are Maussan and Cositas. This is probably because they did not hire the rights holders.

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However, it can be said that the advertiser has achieved his goal. In approximately eight hours of being published, it accumulates more than 15 thousand views on YouTube and more than 9 thousand reactions, as well as more than 1,600 comments on Facebook . The conversation on the social network stands out, since there are comments from users who did not understand the references, who emphasize that they are not the ‘real’ characters or that they qualify it as a poor quality promotional item, but in the same way there are people who have identified the references to television of almost thirty years ago and that express that nostalgia for more than one of them.

Although, it was not as bad as in the promotional video for Stranger Things that they published a few days ago in Spain , where there was a conflict for using the Brother Cell Phone List program ‘La bola de cristal’ -popular on Spanish television- without authorization, neither It can be highlighted as the best marketing action for the series in Mexico, as we find more prominent cases.

The important thing is to bring more audience
It may not be the best promotional action but in the end it pays to keep the Duffer brothers’ series in the mind of the viewer, even those who have not seen the third season and this is thanks to references to Mexican television from others epochs. The goal is to keep bringing people to the platform to watch the show, one that can already be said to have met expectations. According to Netflix, during its first four days it was played by more than 40 million accounts, but this does not mean that the euphoria remains. According to data from Nielsen Media Research , the first episode of this third season Stranger Things was seen by 19.1 million people, which equates it with several impact productions such as Games of Thrones, however, the report reveals that the effusiveness decreased with the following chapters averaging 8.8 million viewers.

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