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Twitter will allow you to hide comments that are unpleasant or from trolls

If we were to conduct a survey on the use of social applications with our friends, acquaintances, co-workers and even family, it is likely that the top 5 would be made up of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. This is very normal, globally you would surely find a similar trend (+/- one or two apps), and this is because unquestionably social networks have consolidated as platforms that stimulate the relationship between users and between brands and audiences, not because of Nothing globally there are more than 3 thousand 480 million users, according to data from Hootsuite and We Are Social.

But, as well as stimulating socialization, these types Brazil Mobile Database of platforms have also allowed a not so friendly side of people to emerge, since many of the responses or reactions to the publications that people make are with a sarcastic, offensive or with the urge to hurt. This type of behavior has not only been resented by many people, but also by the platforms themselves that have long sought alternatives to limit this type of content. Twitter is one of them, it is now testing a new feature that would give account holders more power over the comments they receive on their posts.

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This is a feature that has been talked about for months but is now entering the testing phase. It is in Canada where from the next the users of the social network will be able to select any response to one of their tweets and click on the “hide response” option. This is important because responses considered negative will not be removed, but they will be hidden from the original post’s profile, that is, it will not necessarily prevent others from seeing the same annoying tweets (you can touch a gray icon to see hidden responses) .

According to Twitter, they seek to offer users greater control over their timelines. The objective would be to provide a tool that allows to maintain a healthy conversation about a publication, that is, many times the meaning of these can be distorted by offensive comments or ‘trolls’. On the Brother Cell Phone List opposite side, it could allow a certain type of abuse since the debate could be silenced or directed towards a favorable point for the original publication, considering that on Twitter, as in any social network, there are profiles of influencers, celebrities, brands, organizations publics, officials, governments, etc. In the end, Twitter says that this test will serve to receive feedback from users to see how they can improve the function and, if it turns out, they are likely to activate it globally.

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