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Which is which between iOS and Android apps

WhatsApp is the most popular message application in the world, with 1,600 million active users per month until the first quarter of 2019, according to figures projected by the specialized website, Statista . The app has a privileged place in the preference of users in countries like Mexico, where according to the survey “How do Mexicans use WhatsApp? 2019 Study ”of Applied Political Colombia Mobile Database Communication , specifically 17.37 percent spend more than six hours on average in chat. However, in terms of downloads, the figure varies depending on whether it is the iOS or Android system. The graph below reveals that among the leading social media apps on the Apple Store worldwide as of March 2019, WhatsApp Messenger ranked first in the social media category.

With almost 8.95 million downloads from iPhone users worldwide, the app leads the list, followed by Facebook Messenger, with 7.02 million downloads and Facebook, with 6.4. Regarding the Android system, the following graph shows the main applications by downloads on Google Play in the world, updates updated until June 2019. In the period, WhatsApp was downloaded approximately 60.8 million times on mobile devices globally. It is followed by Facebook Messenger, with 41.38 million, followed by Facebook Messenger Lite, the version that aims to occupy less user data, with 15.26 million.

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The dominance of both applications in the stores that digital users use the most is obvious. Facebook is transcendental in the lives of those who use platforms. Let us remember that Mexico is the fourth country with the largest number of users of the network co-founded Brother Cell Phone List by Mark Zuckerberg , with 79 million users. 99 percent of Mexicans use their time to surf the internet precisely on the platform. In addition, advertising is concentrated on her, following the numbers, digital strategies concentrate a large part of their budget on those who consider their profile as an important extension of their daily lives, which are counted in the millions. The consequent options are Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, which closely follow the platform.

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